Mission and vision


Return water installation

Using technological solutions, IWE fulfils a leading role in achieving the recycling of raw materials in a circular economy, and will continue to do so in the future, aided by the sun as an inexhaustible source of energy. We encourage others to follow our example. Sustainability is only truly meaningful if all of the potential advantages are considered, together.

This challenge can be tackled with relatively greater ease by working with shareholders, than by unrelated businesses. In addition to the return water preparation installation and calcium dewatering, a new anaerobic reactor was commissioned, in 2018. The development of this type of reactor means that odour emissions are practically eradicated. The biogas produced at IWE is supplied to a paper mill as a replacement for natural gas.
We are currently hard at work (developing and) implementing the sludge treatment project. A start will be made in 2019 on the conversion of sludge into a raw material for the cement industry.


Aerial of the IWE complex

The world population is growing. Only if we use the natural capital available to us with care can we maintain a world in which the generations to follow can also flourish. As a consequence, we must handle the opportunities offered to us by the Earth with respect.

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