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Since 1960, Industriewater Eerbeek (IWE) has been purifying surplus process water from Eerbeek’s three paper mills Mayr-Melnhof Eerbeek BV, DS Smith Paper De Hoop Mill and Neenah Coldenhove BV. This process is hallmarked by sustainability and respect for the planet. With that in mind, IWE minimises the use of artificial additives and extracts raw materials from the waste water. As a consequence, paper production in Eerbeek is now almost circular.

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We are proud of our company and are keen to introduce you to the wondrous world of water purification and the practical implementation of the circular use of raw materials. We receive numerous requests from at home and abroad for guided tours of our facilities and wherever possible we honour those requests. Schoolchildren are also welcome to visit us.

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Using technological solutions, IWE fulfils a leading role in achieving the recycling of raw materials in a circular economy, and will continue to do so in the future, aided by the sun as an inexhaustible source of energy. We encourage others to follow our example. Sustainability is only truly meaningful if all of the potential advantages are considered, together.

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The world population is growing. Only if we use the natural capital available to us with care can we maintain a world in which the generations to follow can also flourish. As a consequence, we must handle the opportunities offered to us by the Earth with respect.

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The circle of sustainable water use

The Dutch paper industry uses almost exclusively natural and therefore environmentally friendly additives. Paper mills use a great deal of water as a raw material, cooling agent and above all as a means of transport. The four main components used to make paper are wood fibres, additives, energy and water. More than 80 percent of the fibres and additives are recycled; the final residue, namely degraded fibrous material, is ultimately used as biofuel. Energy consumption has been successfully reduced and further reduction continued to be the focus of attention. Thanks to the efforts of IWE, water consumption has been drastically cut since 2016. Moreover, recycling water means that fewer additives are required for paper production. As a result, sustainability gains within the production chain have soared. The three paper mills (and shareholders) are: DSSmith De Hoop, Mayr-Melnhof and NeenaH Coldenhove. Industriewater Eerbeek (IWE) processes around 4 million m³ of water every year, representing a waste load comparable to the waste water from a city the size of Utrecht.